RainHero Game Studio

An indie game studio devoted to creating Long-Lasting
online games using the Web3 infrastructure

About Us

The RainHero Games studio members have been working together since 2015, and they are passionate about their work and goals.
In 2021, as we observed that Blockchain games play an essential role in bringing a lot of value to users, coinciding with the 5-week hackathon of Algorand, we entered and created a co-op auto battle NFT game in the hackathon and gained first place.


Nature Awakens

Nature Awakens is an online strategy game. You will defend nature in this game and try to protect it from the harmful effects of enemies. You can follow Nature Awakens on social media to get informed of the latest news.


Rise Of Nature

Rise of Nature is a play-to-earn co-op, auto-battle, and NFT game built with the vision of helping the environment, supplementing Algorand’s vision which was designed from the ground up to impact the environment minimally. In this game, players will go through different locations to rescue the forest and spend many relaxing, fun hours raising their so-called “Niroes". This game was developed during Algorand 5-Weeks hackathon. During the process of developing this game, all divisions of the RainHero worked together and achieved first place in the competition.

OCCO Board Game

OCCO is an online board game that, like its physical version, two people can play in front of each other. In this game, each user has three single-point beads that can be triple-jumped on a board and surrounded around a house. The sum of the points earned by placing the beads on the board determines the winner of the game.

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