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An indie game studio devoted to creating fun games to connect the world

About Us

RainHero studio members have been working together since 2015, and they are passionate about their work and their goals.
The most popular game we have created so far is a backgammon board game called "Backgammon Origins", which has more than 2 million downloads and +150k monthly active players.

Team Members

Ahmad AtaAfarin

Product manager and Game Designer

Emaad Ghorbani

Game Developer

Hamed Mansouri

Art Director

Koorosh Pasokhi

Backend Developer

Milad Sobhkhiz

UI/UX Designer

Morteza Ghorbani Kari

Data Scientist

Haniye Hatefi

PR and Digital Marketer


Backgammon Origins

This online backgammon game is beginner-friendly that allows you to play Backgammon on your Android phone. With a Backgammon online makeover that stays true to the backgammon rules, and a vintage look we have been loyal to the original Backgammon game. Here we help you learn backgammon and play free online Backgammon easily!

OCCO Board Game

OCCO is an online board game that, like its physical version, two people can play in front of each other. In this game, each user has three single-point beads that can be triple-jumped on a board and surrounded around a house. The sum of the points earned by placing the beads on the board determines the winner of the game.


Rise Of Nature

Rise of Nature is a play-to-earn auto-battle blockchain game which is built with the vision of helping the environment. Supplementing the Algorand network vision which was designed from the ground up to minimally impact the environment.

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